We try very hard to answer all questions promptly and accurately by providing information to the homeowner on what to expect during the installation process. To prevent surprises from occurring for either party please see the following summary of what you can expect when we come into your home and perform work.

Staff and Crews:
Our crew will arrive at work as scheduled by the crew supervisor and agreed to by the homeowner. Our employees will gladly answer any questions the home owner has concerning work they are performing. All questions regarding schedule, care, pricing etc. should be directed to the crew supervisor. Our employees will comply with the wishes of the homeowner concerning use of facilities, and work breaks. Questions or requests for additional work outside the scope of the agreed project must also be directed to the crew supervisor.

During the installation process we will be nailing down flooring using either air operated nail guns or manual nailers. In this process we will be striking the nail guns continuously until all the flooring is secured, we will create a lot of noise and stir up some dust while this is taking place. Every run of flooring will require saw cuts to be made for proper fits. These cuts will be made outside the residence to minimize the housekeeping issues, but some dust will be created when the material is returned to the residence for use. We will be working very close to the trim, walls, and fixtures during the install. We are applying a great deal of force to secure the flooring to the sub-floor, this may result in some Bumps, scaring or marring. We will make every effort to avoid this, but some will occur, so some touch-up painting may be required when the work is complete. If flooring is being installed upstairs some nail pops may occur in the ceiling of the space directly below where the install is taking place. Due to the nature of solid wood flooring, once installed, it must be allowed time to acclimate to its new environment. Depending on the type of material used, acclimation time will vary and will be determined at the time of installation.

Sanding & Finishing:
Depending on the size of the job we will need 4 to 6 days of access to the residence, during this time no traffic on the floors will be allowed. You will need to make arrangements to either be away or have alternate routes around the areas being finished. Make sure no pets are in the residences while our work is in progress. We will be sanding, edging and scraping the floors in your residence during this process. If you have chosen to use our Dust Containment System for your job, the dust will be greatly reduced, but again some dust will be created.

Once the poly coats are applied, do not open doors or windows. This may allow dust, hair, or trash to get into the poly coating. It would be best to not enter the work area while the drying is taking place.

No floor or finishing product is scratch proof. Care must be taken when returning furniture and fixtures to the re-finished floor area. It takes several days for the finish to cure completely and provide the maximum protection.

We will need access to 220 volt service to operate our sanding equipment.

How long will it take to do my project?
Please discuss this with the crew supervisor prior to starting the project. The sanding and finishing process generally will take 4 to 6 days depending on the amount flooring requiring finishing.

Will I need to move out during the project?
If routes are available that allow you to move around your house where work is not being preformed you should be able to stay home while the project takes place. If you are doing a major renovation it would be best to plan to stay else where. Also pets must be removed from the residences during the sanding and finishing phase of work.

Will dust be created during the project?
Yes. There will be dust during the finishing process. We can make available for your project one of our Dust Containment Units while sanding the floors. These units are very effective and will greatly diminish the amount of dust created during this process. If you choose not to use our Dust Containment system you will see a good deal of dust from the sanding process.

Will your crews move and replace my furniture for the project?
We generally do not move furniture. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to have this done prior to our work starting. If you have special needs and arrangements have been agreed to by the crew supervisor we may help out in some circumstances. We will not take responsibility for any furniture that is damaged while being moved.

What’s your policy on plumbed appliances and fixtures?
We cannot disconnect or reconnect any water supplies to any appliance, or plumbing fixtures.

Will I have to do touch-up painting when work the project is complete?
In the sanding operation, we will be using very large and heavy powered equipment that must be operated in confined spaces. Some bumping, scraping, and marring of trim, base boards, and walls may occur. We make every effort to minimize this, however it is possible that some touch-up painting will be required by the homeowner when the project is complete.