Ed Newsome’s Hardwood Floors warrants the workmanship and materials used for a period of (1) year. This warranty only covers defects created by our workmanship or defects in the materials we supply. We do not warrant for problems created by the floor substructure either in construction or by the physical environment of the structure.
It is normal for wood flooring to expand and contract based on the relative humidity present in the home or crawl space. During heating months the floor will normally contract to some degree, in the summer July thru August it will normally take on some moisture and expand. This is normal and is not a warranty issue that we will honor.
All warranty claims will be analyzed by our company representative and honored or denied based on the analysis results.


Once we have completed the installation and finishing of your floor the care of the floor is important to maintaining its beauty.

General Care:

- Vacuum and/or sweep your floor regularly, once per week is recommended.

- Remove any spills that may occur promptly.

- Place mats at exterior doors.

- Use protective pads or caps on the feet of furniture .

Floor Cleaning:

Step (1) Vacuum to remove all dirty particles, lint, and dust.

Step (2) Any stains or dirt that did not come up with vacuuming or sweeping, use a 10% vinegar water solution to remove the discolored area.

Step (3) Mop the flooring with a damp mop only. Too much moisture may cause damage to your floor.

* For additional cleaning recommendations, refer to Bona Floor Care System brochure available in our showroom.